Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Post!

Starting my own artblog ;D
I'll try to update this as frequently as I can... probably going to post mostly work from outside of class, but also stuff from class that I'm fond of, I suppose.
For my first post, some things I doodled at Hydration today :D
Didn't start these with any specific direction in mind... just started from scribbles and worked from there.
Didn't use reference so some things are pretty wonky lol... especiallythepersonohgodidon'teven DDDD:
30-40 minutes each?
I think my favorite is the 3rd one. :D

Fun things, definitely... must do more :D

The awesome brushes I used to draw these were from Shaddy Safadi. You can download the brushes off of his blog:
Under "brushes" :P

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