Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 10 - Succubus

Day 10 - Succubus.
Flat colors was harder and more painstaking than painting, for some reason.
Arrghh I really need to learn anatomy >_<
The hair was super fun though, haha.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 11 - True Monster

Day 11 - True Monster.
I'm skipping Day 10 Succubus for now, because even though I'd had the sketch for her done for a few days now, I suddenly got a better idea and was then, of course, totally dissatisfied with my current sketch haha xD So I'll be working on her tomorrow. 

As for this one, well...
She sells flowers(?) and is actually really nice.
But most people are too afraid of her looks to approach :P

Day 9 - Demon

Day 9 - Demon.
Dem bitches love Sriracha sauce.

Totally behind lol - although in my defense, my computer is so full of lag that it's really hard to do anything D: Come on, laptop! I need you to last another couple of years! *begs*
Maybe it needs some Sriracha sauce... O.o

Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 8 - Octomaid

Day 8 - Octomaid
Quick and crappy, but definitely fun xDD
Hardest part was trying to get all the suckers in the right perspective DD:

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 7 - Plant girl

Day 7 - Plant girl. 
Weeping cherry x Japanese maiko lady type person.
Apparently weeping cherries aren't very commonly known outside of Japan. I don't think it even had its own Wikipedia page haha xD I just remember there was one smallish weeping cherry tree in a park close by where I was growing up, and I would always go under it when it was in full bloom. When you looked up, it was like a huge umbrella made out of cherry blossoms <3 Or even like a planetarium of flowers ^w^)/

Ehmagawd the memories >w<
I think if I were to do this again I would have pushed the volume of the flowers way more.  = w= ;;

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 6 - Spider

Doesn't look like a girrrlll xDDDDDD;;;
And I totally skimped out on drawing spider silk because I'm lazy like that DD:
This was fairly quick, barely took an hour I believe?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 5 - Mermaid

Day 5 - Mermaid.
Jellyfish Monroe!
Meh about the color, and uuuggghhh transparency is so hard DDD:
And I should have paid a bit more attention to the face hahah but oh well.
Only spent about an hour and a half on this anyway xDD;;